miércoles, 9 de marzo de 2011


Virginia: Hi paola how are you?

* paola: Hi virginia good and you?

* Virginia: Well thank god! I can make you a question?

* paola: Yeah right tell me wath happened?

* Virginia: what time Usually you get up?

* paola: I get up around at 10 oclock am

Virginia: That's ok and Generally What is your routine after you wake?

paola: Good friend after I get up I go to the beathrooom,
Breakfast, get dressed And Then I check my Schudel of
Matters Before I left for university class.

Virginia: And When It Arrives at your house after you leave class?

paola: Arrive around 6:00 pm at oclock I bath, And Then I get
To review the materials the next day before going to sleep!

virginia: Ok thanks for the information rita You are well.

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